Mark Down

We now come to final step in the SM game plan, the “Mark Down”. When the SM has disposed off most of the accumulated stock they start the most dramatic move of crashing down the prices. Suddenly supply comes in plenty overwhelming the demand. The price starts tumbling. The spreads dramatically widen. There is panic selling from investors. But the prices drop so rapidly and most of the investors and green horns that entered late never get a chance to off load there holdings.

Like the markup phase we will see some rallies in the downtrend. These are more off reactions. Either the SM themselves try to shore up the price for their last bit of holding. Day traders, “Value Investors” trying to bottom pick and the green horns trying to “Average” contribute to these rallies. Our friend Saints calls averaging “Catching a dropping knife”. I cannot find a better description for “Averaging”. It is better to note the volume during the rallies. You will find the volume is more on down days and less on up days. When the rally fails the average investor panic and start selling and that accelerates the fall.

It may take weeks for the down trend to reach the bottom. The end is generally indicated by a stopping volume or an absorption volume. The SM may be absorbing the stocks to start the game again. You would find a High volume bar with long spread and closing near the top.

It is during the mark down phase you will see rallies like the “Dead Cat Bounce”. Pay attention to the volume pattern during these rallies.

The mark down phase is the most depressing and cruel part of the SM game plan. By the end of it the SM would be taking delivery of his brand new E class Benz while the average investor is scouting for a buyer for his run down maruti.

Of course the Markdown phase does offer good opportunities to smart investors who are adept in short side trades.

But the mark down phase has a silver lining… towards the end it offers the smart investors many opportunity to enter into some really profitable trades. We will discuss all these later.