Now let us come to the third phase in the SM game plan which is “Distribution”. Distribution is the process where the SM is offloading their accumulated stock at a much higher price.

It is not very easy to spot distribution. Many a times you will not see any congestion areas. The UP move may slowly deteriorate and start rapidly deciding after a furl of heightened activity. The Wyckoff puritans may disagree here.

In mark up phase after the stock has run up for some time you will the volume diminishing and the spreads narrowing. The angle of ascent becomes lesser and lesser. The stock trend may even flatten. This would mean that the demand is drying up. The buyers are not willing to pay a higher price for the stock. Also sellers are reluctant to offload their positions hoping and waiting for a better price. It is here the SM slowly start offloading their stock. Much care is taken not to make it visible. Volume is never too high. Prices are support at certain levels so that there is no panic. Here it is important to take note of the volume price pattern and angle of ascent. Too steep an ascent is also a problem. Suddenly you will see the stock dropping down like stone from its high perch

It is at the top you will see patterns like H&S and double Tops which are distribution patterns.

Many times it is hard to maintain any semblance of the uptrend continuing and so a sideways congestion move ensues. The congestion zone will be quite similar to the zone we discussed earlier for accumulation. You will see the price being supported at some support level and being contained within a resistance level. The points to take note are the same ones we talked about in the accumulation zone. Just like in the shake outs in the accumulation zone you will see a shakeout in terms of up thrust bars. One has to be very careful trading the breakout from the distribution zone. If it turns out to be the final climax move you will be left holding the bag. But then the stock may goes for another up move. Here looking for uptrusts and other weak indication becomes necessary. We will be talking about these indications later.

In the final climax run the stock explodes in terms of volume and price. Like I said before the breakout traders , greenhorns rush in and the shorts will run for cover. Then you will see many Uptrust Bars where distribution takes place with maximum prices. There could be a series of Uptrusts and then…….BANG….. the stock drops down like a stone.