Mark Up

Now we come to the next phase in the game plan of SM, namely “Mark Up”.

Once the smart money has a cornered a huge chunk of the stocks they are ready for the next move. The idea is to jack up the prices so the SM can fill their pockets. Typically you will see the low are getting higher. The closes are slowly getting nearer to the high. The prices are getting higher on lower volumes as there is very less supply. The reactions happen much higher than the support line.

Then the stock shoots through the resistance or supply line with higher volume. For that matter the stock need not exhibit the characteristics mentioned above. Suddenly it can just pop out of the congestion zone.

It is better to take note on the volume at this juncture. The volume need not be very high at all. Since there is no supply (SM have the majority of the floating stock). If the volume is moderate we should see it coming in strongly soon. Otherwise the move will collapse and stock would return to the base. We should see a large swift increase in the volume in case of a genuine breakout. The stock should be closing near the top. Also too much volume is not good. It would mean too much supply is coming in. Heavy volume with the stock closing in lower half would definitely mean supply coming in. Typically a 150% increase in volume with the close near the top would indicate a successful breakout.

The breakout is just the beginning. Then the stock moves up in stages. Each stage would be an advance at higher volumes and a retracement at lower volumes. The retracement is mainly due to short term traders booking their profits. The SM also starts the distribution during the retracement. The point at which the retracement stops become important. These should be above the previous retracement stops. In simple terms as Saint would put it the stock is making higher high pivots and higher low points.

We will also see sideways movement during the up move which would be congestion areas. We need to pay lot of attention to these congestion areas for this could be final distribution areas before the mark down begins. Also it pays to give attention to volume during retracement and congestion areas. Increasing volumes near support line and low pivots indicate problem. If the increase is dramatic then it is time to re-evaluate your position.

Finally the stock could make a climax run where the price and volume explode. The shorts run for cover and the green horns rush in not to be left out... like cattle rushing into a abattoir. Soon rapid markdown starts leaving the weak money holding the bag and he SM their cash.

Please do note that here we are talking about more of an idealistic picture. In reality it could be more complex and many a time difficult to decipher. But then practice makes one perfect.

Just enclosing a chart with similar conditions mentioned above.