Next we are going to look at trend lines. We all use Trend lines and trend line breaks to decide reversals. We will look at trend lines with respect to VSA.

The general belief in TA is that Trend lines offer support in up trends and also act as resistances in downtrends. We will not go into the details of why and how of this belief. Instead we will look at the how volume and spread can give us clues whether the trend line will hold or break.

For example we will take an uptrend. When the stock retracts towards the trend line, small spreads and lower volume indicate as the stock approaches the trend line indicates that the stock is likely to be supported by trend line. Higher volumes and wide spread indicate a probability of a trend line break. Trend lines are resistance areas and effort is needed to break the trend lines. Wide spreads and high volumes are indications of this effort.

Many times we will see the SM absorbing the supply near trend lines. This is a bullish indication as the smart money is bullish on the stock and is interested in higher prices. So when there is lot of supply near trend lines they absorb the supply to keep the prices above the trend line.

Let us look at an example with a chart

A) We can see that the volume is decreasing and the spreads are narrower as the prices retrace towards the trend line.

B) Here the volume is increasing as the prices approach the trend line. This would suggest increased probability of a Trend line break.

C) We have a bar with increased volume and closing near the low. This bar indicates that there is increased supply. The next bar is an effort to Rise bar. This would mean that the SM is interested to keep up the price and they have absorbed the supply on the previous day. Entry / Adds on such effort to rise bars near trend line often result in a good trade.

D) Here the volume is simply tapered off. There seems to general lack of interest on all sides. (This are area shows a failed test and no demand bars indicating a general weakness). However volume came in near the trend line and stock is again going up towards the right edge.