Next I will touch on the concept of trend channels. Tom Williams briefly mentions this in his book. He calls then Trading Ranges though I prefer the term Trend channels as in we will find the stock is actually trending up or down when we look at from a wider view. This is actually different form the horizontal trading ranges where the stock movement is sideways. Of course I have taken some deviation from his concepts.

Many times you will find a stock moving in a upward or downward channel. We can draw upper trend lines and lower trend lines and they would almost be parallel. Tom Williams divides this channel into upper quarter and lower quarter and most reactions happen in these quarter. He also calls area above the upper trend line (or supply line) as over bought zone and the area below the lower trend line as over sold zone. The middle area is where we can expect the stock to move anywhere.

But I go a step further and I draw a middle line. The interesting observation here is that it is around this middle or mean line where most we see a conflict or tug of war between the bulls and bears happen and many reactions happen around this line. I call this the Conflict Zone”.

From a VSA perspective we will find support or strength coming near the bottom trend line. We will also see weakness creeping in in terms of upthurst bars or pseudo upthrust bars near the upper trend line. In most cases the Trend channel is wide enough to give some nice trade opportunities.