CSE News : Trading of SPCER & ACIFL [Nov 16 2008 11:05AM]

All concerned are hereby informed that the trading of Shinepukur Ceramics Ltd.(SPCER) and ACI Formulations Ltd.(ACIFL) will start at CSE on 18 Nov'08 in demat form, under settlement category 'N' as per the following procedures.
1. For the first two trading days (i.e. 18th and 19th November), trading session for these scrips will be from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon and settlement of trades will be on spot basis,
2. For the first trading day (18th November), the first 10 minutes will be considered as price building period where potential investors will place their buy orders. No sale order will be placed during this time,
3. Thereafter, from 11th minute, designated broker(s) will start selling at best market price.
4. Trading of these scrips shall remain closed in the third trading day (20th November) to allow to distribute the shares which traded in first two days,
5. Normal Trading of these scrips will be started on 4th trading day (i.e. 23rd November 2008),
6. Investor shall be allowed to place an order for minimum 100 shares with a maximum of 500 shares for both the scrips in each order for the first 5 trading days.
7. Investors shall not place any sale order of these scrips during the first two trading days.